ISU Men’s Golf Team – 2015 / 2016 Travel Schedule

The map below illustrates the Iowa State Men’s Golf Team US travel schedule this season – they will travel 29,986 road miles or 48,258 kilometres.  

Head Coach Andrew Tank takes advantage of the variety of competitive courses across the country and sees importance in traveling to stay on track to achieve national success.  “I’m excited about this year’s schedule and we’ve added a couple of new events,” Tank said. “My philosophy with the schedule is wanting to get to different parts of the country and play in the most competitive fields we can. It’s really important for us to get to warm places early in the spring.”

The ability to travel across the country is something Tank sees as beneficial.  “I like to start our spring season off down in the Southwest where the weather is very predictable,” Tank said. “I think our schedule has gotten better in terms of the competition. I definitely feel like we’re adding a couple of events this year that will be really good tests for us on great golf courses. We’re fortunate to go to some good places and well-run events.”

Traveling is a great opportunity for the Cyclones to really stretch their comfort zones. Allowing his team to play at new courses with consistent weather conditions is what Tank is aiming for.  “Going all over the country, playing on different courses, testing ourselves for different weather and different conditions will help the guys develop,” Tank said. 

“The guys love getting to see different parts of the country,” Tank added. “They love it and they’re excited about it. That’s one of the main reasons they chose Iowa State – because of our competitive schedule.”

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This blog was originally set up to share our 9 month adventure around Europe and the USA with friends and family in 2014. On returning to NZ in January 2015 I decided to carry it on so I could continue to share any future travel adventures - it has become my electronic travel diary. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to visit some of the wonderful places we have visited.
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